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Veterinary Specialties: neurology, oncology, hematology, histology, physiology, biochemistry...

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Veterinary Neurology, Oncology, Hematology, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry

Looking for in-depth veterinary knowledge?

We have a comprehensive collection of downloadable documents and textbooks on a variety of animal health topics, including:

  • Veterinary Neurology: Explore the nervous system in animals, including diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.
  • Veterinary Oncology: Delve into the study and treatment of animal cancers. 
  • Veterinary Hematology: Learn about the blood and blood disorders in animals.
  • Veterinary Histology: Discover the microscopic structure of animal tissues and their role in health and disease.
  • Veterinary Physiology: Understand the normal functioning of animal bodies. 
  • Veterinary Biochemistry: Explore the chemical processes underlying animal health and disease. 

Veterinary Neurology

  1. A Practical Guide to Canine and Feline Neurology (Editor: Curtis W. Dewey, Ronaldo C. da Costa, 561 pages, 81mb) → Buy the book
  2. Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition (Editor: Michael D. Lorenz BS DVM DACVIM & 2 more, 549 pages, 22.3mb) → Buy the book
  3. Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 4th Edition (Editor: Michael D. Lorenz BS DVM DACVIM & 2 more, 463 pages, 44.7mb) → Download ebook
  4. Tumors of Domestic Animals (Editor: Donald J. Meuten, 792 pages, 18mb) → Buy the book
  5. Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner (Made Easy Series) 1st Edition (Author: Cheryl Chrisman, Christopher Mariani, Simon Platt, & 1 more, 355 pages, 16.6mb) → Buy the book
  6. Saunder's Solutions in Veterinary Practice - Small Animal Neurology, (Author: Sue Fitzmaurice, 345 pages, 36.6mb) → Buy the book
  7. Small Animal Neurology an Illustrated Text (Author: André Jaggy, 610 pages, 20.3mb) → Buy the book
  8. Veterinary Neuroanatomy and Clinical Neurology 3th Edition (Author: Alexander de Lahunta & 2 more, 515 pages, 55.2mb) → Buy the book

Veterinary Oncology

  1. Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond (Author: Alice Villalobos and Laurie Kaplan, 385 pages, 686mb) → Buy the book
  2. Decision Making in Small Animal Oncology (Author: David J. Argyle, Malcolm J. Brearley, Michelle M. Turek, 403 pages, 8.1mb) → Buy the book
  3. Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology (Editor: David M. Vail DVM MS DACVIM (Oncology) , & 2 more, 846 pages, 26.7mb) → Buy the book
  4. Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Oncology 1st Edition (Author: Rob D. Foale, Jackie Demetriou, *.epub, 9mb) → Buy the book  Download ebook
  5. Veterinary Oncology Secrets (Author: Robert C. Rosenthal DVM PhD Dipl ACVIM Dipl ACVR, 225 pages, 9.7mb) → Buy the book
  6. Veterinary Oncology: A Short Textbook (Editor: Robert Klopfleisch, 318 pages, 4.2mb) → Buy the book
  7. Veterinary Surgical Oncology (Author: Simon T. Kudnig and Bernard Séguin, 755 pages) → Buy the book

Veterinary Hematology & Histology

  1. Applied Veterinary Histology 3rd  (Editor: William J. Banks DVM PhD553 pages, 244mb) → Buy the book Download ebook
  2. diFiore's Atlas of Histology With Functional Correlations 11th Edition (Author: Victor P. Eroschenko, 456 pages, 53.3mb) → Buy the book
  3. Atlas of Veterinary Hematology: Blood and Bone Marrow of Domestic Animals 1st Edition (Author: John W. Harvey, 224 pages, 20.2mb) → Buy the book
  4. Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology ( Author: Terry W. Campbell, Krystan R. Grant, 392 pages, 35.6mb) → Buy the book
  5. Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology - 2nd Edition (Author: Jr. Bacha, William J., Linda M. Bacha, 322 pages, 99.6mb) → Buy the book
  6. Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology - 3nd Edition (Author: Jr. Bacha, William J., Linda M. Bacha, , 358 pages, 373mb) → Buy the book Download ebook
  7. A Color Handbook of Comparative Veterinary Histology & Clinical Coorelates 1st Edition (Author: Elizabeth Aughey, Fredric L. Frye, 284 pages, 373mb) → Buy the book Download ebook
  8. Dellmans’Textbook of Veterinary Histology 6th (Author: Jo Ann Eurell, Brian L. Frappier, 419 pages, 188mb) → Buy the book
  9. Diagnostic Cytology And Hematology Of The Dog And Cat - 3nd (Author: Rick L. Cowell DVM MS MRCVS DACVP & 3 more, 482 pages, 141mb) → Buy the book
  10. Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse - 2nd Edition (Author: Rick L. Cowell DVM MS MRCVS DACVP & 5 more282 pages, 46.1mb) → Buy the book
  11. Hemogram Interpretation for Dogs and Cats (Author: A. H. Rebar, 79 pages, 14.1mb) → Buy the book
  12. Schalm's Hematology Veterinary - 6nd (Editor: Douglas J. Weiss, K. Jane Wardrop, 1232 pages, 54mb) → Buy the book
  13. Veterinary Comparative Hematopathology (Editor: Victor E. Valli, 572 pages, 42.1mb) → Buy the book
  14. Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry (Editor: Mary Anna Thrall, Glade Weiser & 2 more, 534 pages, 113mb) → Buy the book
  15. Veterinary Histology (Editor: Jo Ann Eurell, Brian L. Frappier, 110 pages, 22.5mb) → Buy the book

Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry

  1. Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals - 7th Edition (Author: Frandson, Rowen D., Wilke, W. Lee, Fails, Anna Dee, 536 pages, 27.5mb) → Buy the book
  2. Color Atlas of Physiology (449 pages, 30.2mb)
  3. Environmental Physiology of Animals 2nd Edition (Author: Pat Willmer, Graham Stone, Ian Johnston, 776 pages, 20.5mb) → Buy the book
  4. Essentials of Animal Physiology (Author: S.C. Rastogi, 597 pages, 6.55mb)
  5. Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry 28Ed (*.chm, 21.7mb) → Buy the book Download ebook
  6. Illustrative Physiology (326 pages, 115mb)
  7. Introduction to Animal Physiology (Author: Dr Ian Kay, 226 pages, 41.8mb) → Buy the book
  8. Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and physiology (Author: Victoria Aspinall BVSc MRCVS & 2 more, 252 pages, 73.1mb) → Buy the book
  9. Laboratory Manual for Comparative Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology (Author: M.S. D.V.M. Phillip E. Cochran, 421 pages, 118mb) → Buy the book
  10. Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews – Biochemistry (Author: Emine E. Abali, Susan D. Cline, David S. Franklin & 1 morem *.chm, 135mb) → Buy the book
  11. Pavlov's Dogs and Schrödinger's Cat (336 pages, 1.56mb) → Buy the book
  12. Review of Veterinary Physiology (The Quick Look Series in Veterinary Medicine) 1st Edition (Author: Larry Engelking, 676 pages, 103mb) → Buy the book
  13. Sturkie's Avian Physiology 5th Edition (Author: G. Causey Whittow, 676 pages, 12.6mb) → Buy the book
  14. Textbook of Veterinary Physiology 4th Edition (Author: James G. Cunningham DVM PhD, 714 pages, 59mb) → Buy the book
  15. The Physiological Basis of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology (Author: J. Desmond Baggot, 298 pages, 1.26mb) → Buy the book
  16. Veterinary Physiology and Applied Anatomy (Author: College of Animal Welfare & 2 more, 218 pages, 50.1mb) → Buy the book
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