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Swine, Rabbits, Rodents, Ferrets, Avian, Exotic Pet and Domestic Animal

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Download Free Veterinary Resources: Swine, Rabbits, Rodents & More!

Download Free Veterinary Resources: Swine, Rabbits, Rodents & More!
Looking for reliable veterinary resources for your favorite animals? Look no further! This page offers a comprehensive collection of downloadable documents and veterinary textbooks covering a wide range of species, including:

  • Swine (pigs): Find essential information on pig health, disease management, production medicine, and surgical procedures for swine.
  • Rabbits: Explore rabbit care guides, dietary recommendations, common illnesses, and surgical techniques specific to rabbits.
  • Rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc.): Gain insights into rodent health, breeding, nutrition, and treatment protocols for various rodent ailments.
  • Ferrets: Learn about ferret behavior, preventive healthcare, dental care, and ferret-specific surgical procedures.
  • Avian (birds): Access resources on avian medicine, including bird anatomy, common bird diseases, and surgical techniques for birds.
  • Exotic Pets: Discover a variety of resources on the care of various exotic companion animals, including nutritional needs, housing recommendations, and potential health concerns.
  • Domestic Animals (dogs & cats): Broaden your knowledge base with downloadable resources on canine and feline health, treatment options, and surgical procedures for domestic pets.

Downloadable veterinary documents and textbooks can be a valuable asset for:

  • Veterinarians and veterinary technicians
  • Animal breeders
  • Animal shelter staff
  • Pet owners with exotic or special needs pets

This page is your one-stop shop for:

  • Free veterinary ebooks
  • Clinical manuals
  • Treatment guides
  • Animal care sheets

By downloading these resources, you can stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in veterinary medicine and provide the best possible care for your animals.

Start browsing today and find the veterinary resources you need!

Veterinary Swine 

  1. Guide to Raising Pigs, folder, 4.36mb
  2. Swine Diseases – 9th Edition, 301mb
  3. A Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Pig, 186tr, 35.2mb
  4. An Outline of Swine Diseases, 204tr, 5.2mb
  5. Managing Pig Health, 1294tr, 8.7mb
  6. Modern Pig Production Technology, 613tr, 4.8mb
  7. Multi-Site Pig Production – Harris, 228tr, 2mb
  8. Pig Industry Quality Manual, 155tr, 4.4mb
  9. Pig Production, 422tr, 11mb
  10. Pork Producer Headlines, 7tr, 2.3mb
  11. Swine Care Handbook, 41tr, 172k
  12. Swine Disease – 9th, 1172, 86mb
  13. Swine in the Laboratory Surgery, Anesthesia, Imaging and Experimental Techniques, 494tr, 21mb
  14. Swine Pneumonia, 6tr, 217mb
  15. Symposium on Swine - Housing and Well-Being, 97tr, 1.5mb
  16. Whittemore's Science and Practice of pig Production, 705tr, 5.4mb

Veterinary Rabbits, Rodents, Ferrets

  1. Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents - Clinical Medicine and Surgery, 600tr, 103mb
  2. Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Rodents, 405tr, 15.6mb
  3. Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits, 331tr, 14.5mb
  4. Rabbit Biotechnology, 135tr, 19.7mb
  5. Rabbits - Health, Husbandry and Diseases, 184tr, 10.6mb
  6. Radiology Rodents, Rabbits and Ferrets, 298tr, 21mb
  7. Self-assessment Colour Review of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery, 93tr, 96mb
  8. When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care, 458tr, 9.3mb

Veterinary Avian

  1. Chicken Health Handbook, folder, 5.48mb
  2. A Colour  Atlas of Poultry Disease - An Aid to Farmers and Poultry Professionals, 131tr, 14.8mb
  3. A Colour Atlas of Poultry Diseases, 213tr, 82.2mb
  4. Avian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 286tr, 8.32mb
  5. Avian Gut Function in Health and Disease 2007, 431tr, 282mb
  6. Avian Influenza A Veterinary Perspective, 26tr, 611k
  7. Avian Medicine Principles and Application - Ritchie Harrison, 1384tr, 28.4mb
  8. Biology of Breeding Poultry, 479tr, 6.85mb
  9. British Poultry Standards, 480tr, 10.6mb
  10. Clinical Avian Medicine - Vol1, 1052tr, 38.6mb
  11. Communication in Poultry Grower Relations-A Blueprint to Success, 242tr, 10.8mb
  12. Control of Poultry Mites (Dermanyssus), 183tr, 6.3mb
  13. Egg Production in Furnished Cages, 46tr, 6.8mb
  14. Handbook of Poultry Science and Technology_ Volume 1, 806tr, 3.7mb
  15. Handbook of Poultry Science and Technology_ Volume 2, 632tr, 2.5mb
  16. Handbook on Poultry Diseases, 210tr, 10.8mb
  17. Important Poultry Disease Handbook Intervet, 90tr, 1.1mb
  18. Poultry Biosecurity Manual, 44tr, 957k
  19. Poultry Coccidiosis - Dianostic and Testing Procedures, 168tr, 3.3mb
  20. Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health, 149tr, 5.2mb
  21. Poultry Production Best Management Pactices, 32tr, 665mb
  22. Poultry Production in Hot Climates, 401tr, 3.67mb
  23. Poultry Products Processing An Industry Guide, 540tr, 17.6mb
  24. Seft- Assessment Review of Avian Medicine, 193tr, 9.2mb
  25. Storey's Guide to Raising Chicken, epub, 11mb
  26. The Urban Hen - Guide to Keeping Poultry in the Town, 172tr, 1.4mb
Download Free Veterinary Resources: Swine, Rabbits, Rodents & More!

Veterinary Exotic Pet

  1. Antimicrobial Therapy in Exotics - Vol 20, No3(A) 1998, 50tr, 18mb
  2. Diagnostic Imaging of Exotic Pets, 468tr, 26.7mb
  3. Endoscopy Equipment and Instrumentation for Use in Exotic Animal Veterinary, 164tr, 22mb
  4. Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician 1st Edition, 392tr, 75.4mb
  5. Exotic Companion Medicine Handbook for Veterinarians, 617tr, 4.3mb
  6. Exotic Pet Behavior Birds, Reptiles, and Small Mammals, 367tr, 9.3mb
  7. Exotic Small Mammal Care, 198tr, 7.2mb
  8. Ferret Husbandry Medicine and Surgery (Second Edition), 515tr, 53.3mb
  9. Manual of Exotic Pet Practice, 552tr, 73mb
  10. Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Birds, Exotic Pets and Wildlife, 435tr, 32.6mb

Domestic  Animal

  1. A Colour Atlas of Livestock Breeds, 270tr, 55.3mb
  2. Advance Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of Domestic Animals, 517tr, 18.4mb
  3. Care of the New Born Domestic Animals, 31tr, 380k
  4. Clinical Examination on Farms Animals, 322tr, 5.8mb
  5. Common Diseases of Farm Animals - R. A. Craig, 145tr, 542k
  6. Diseases and Disorders of the Domestic Fowl and Turkey, 165tr, 31.8mb
  7. Domestic Animals Systemic - Regional Approach, 660tr, 160mb
  8. Farm Animal Practice Self-Assessment Picture Test in Veterianry Medicine, 152tr, 22.4mb
  9. FMD Ageing Lesions, 60tr, 1.33mb
  10. Foot and Mouth Disease, 120tr, 6.87mb
  11. Genetics and Evolution of The Domestic Fowl, 319tr, 6.8mb
  12. Hair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals, 284tr, 31.3mb
  13. Jubb, Kennedy & Palmer's Pathology of Domestic Animals, 2206tr, 307mb
  14. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Pocket Companion), 868tr, 199mb
  15. The Economics of Animal Health and Production, 384tr, 2.5mb
  16. The Ethology of Domestic Animals An Introductory Text, 214tr, 10.4mb
  17. The Ostrich Biology Production and Health, 368tr, 5.9mb
  18. Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals, 896tr, 19.7mb
  19. Veterinary Clinical Examination and Diagnosis, 621tr, 119mb
  20. A textbook of the Diseases of Catle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Horses, 2162tr, 97.3mb
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