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Atlas of Animal Anatomy, Toxicology & Mycology

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Download Free Veterinary Resources: Animal Anatomy, Toxicology & Mycology

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This page provides free downloadable resources for veterinary professionals and students interested in animal anatomy, toxicology, and mycology.

Atlas of Animal Anatomy, Toxicology & Mycology
Key Areas:

  • Animal Anatomy Atlases: Explore detailed anatomical illustrations of various animal species, including internal organs, skeletal structures, and muscular systems.
  • Toxicology Resources: Gain in-depth knowledge about the effects of poisonous substances on animals, including identification of toxins, treatment protocols, and preventative measures.
  • Mycology Reference Materials: delve into the fascinating world of fungi and its impact on animal health, covering topics like fungal diseases, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Downloadable Resources:

We offer a comprehensive collection of downloadable veterinary textbooks, ebooks, and reference guides on animal anatomy, toxicology, and mycology.


Please note that some resources may require registration or be offered by external providers. Always ensure the credibility of the source before using the information for veterinary practices.

Atlas of Animal Anatomy

  1. Atlas Anatomy, 34.7Mb
  2. Hill's Atlas of  Veterinary Clinical Anatomy, 41Mb
  3. A Colour Atlas of Avian Anatomy, 127tr, 27Mb
  4. Anatomy of the Dog 1964, Djvu, 20.3Mb
  5. Canine Anatomy, 505tr, 93Mb
  6. Clinical Dissection Guide for Large Animals (85-), 484tr, 42Mb
  7. Color Atlas Of Clinical Anatomy Of The Dog & Cat, 90tr, 21.7Mb
  8. Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy of the Dog & Cat, 425tr, 99.1Mb
  9. Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy Evolution and Adaptation, 740tr, 17.7Mb
  10. Dog Anatomy, 79tr, 56.1Mb
  11. Domestic Animals Systemic - Regional Approach, 660tr, 160Mb
  12. Essentials of Caprine Anatomy, 126tr, 563k
  13. Guide to the Dissection of the Dog - 7th Edition, 321tr, 71.9Mb
  14. Hills Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Anatomy, 102tr, 51.3Mb
  15. Horse Anatomy, 266tr, 11.7Mb
  16. Illustrated Vet Anatomical Nomenclature, 628tr, 29.8Mb
  17. Mammalian Anatomy The Cat, 194tr, 5.1Mb
  18. Rooneys Guide To The Dissection of the Horse - 7th, 211tr, 66.7Mb
  19. Spurgeon's Color Atlas Of Large Animal Anatomy The Essentials, 169tr, 28.6Mb

Veterinary Toxicology & Mycology

  1. Animal Clinical Chemistry, 230tr 1.9Mb
  2. Animal Hematotoxicology - A practical guide for toxicologists and biomedical researchers, 222tr, 3.6Mb
  3. Animal Models in Toxicology - 2nd edition, 950tr, 7.2Mb
  4. Blackwell 5Min Vet Consult Small A Toxicology, 886tr, 21.3Mb
  5. Clinical Veterinary Toxicology, 491tr, 31.5Mb
  6. Handbook of Small Animal Toxicology & Poisioning, 211tr, 195.7Mb
  7. Toxicological Evaluation of Certain Veterinary Residues in Food, 93tr, 5.9Mb
  8. Veterinary Microbiology Bacterial and Fungal Agents of Animal Disease, Epub, 26.7Mb
  9. Veterinary Mycology Laboratory Manual, 92tr, 28.5Mb
  10. Veterinary Toxicology (Practical), 404tr, 2.6Mb
  11. Veterinary Toxicology – Basic and Clinical Principles, 1223tr, 20.9Mb
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