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Veterinary Sofwares, Media File, Audio File, ISO File, Lectures (ppt)

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Veterinary Sofwares, Media File, Audio File, ISO File, Lectures (ppt)

Download Free Veterinary Resources: Software, Media, Lectures & More!

Looking for essential veterinary resources to enhance your practice? Look no further! Here, you can download a variety of free veterinary software, media files (including audio and video), ISO files, and lecture presentations (*.pptx, *.docx...) on a wide range of veterinary topics.

Whether you're a seasoned veterinarian, a veterinary technician new to the field, or a student in veterinary school, this comprehensive resource library has something for everyone.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Veterinary Software Downloads: Explore and download free veterinary practice management software, anesthesia monitoring software, and other helpful programs to streamline your workflow and improve patient care.
  • Media Files: Gain access to a rich collection of veterinary-related media files, including informative video tutorials, educational documentaries, and captivating client education videos.
  • Audio Files: Listen to insightful podcasts featuring veterinary experts discussing various topics, or tune in to educational audiobooks for hands-free learning while you're on the go.
  • ISO Files: Find and download free ISO files containing valuable veterinary software or large datasets for research purposes.
  • Lecture Presentations (*.pptx, *.docx...): Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine by downloading presentations on a multitude of veterinary topics, all conveniently formatted in *.pptx, *.docx (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft word) for easy access and reference.

Start Downloading Today!

This resource library is designed to empower veterinary professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their field. Browse our extensive collection and find the resources that fit your specific needs.

Veterinary Sofwares

  1. Ageing Horses, 7.24mb 
  2. Anatomy – Radiology, 210mb
  3. Atlas of Cardiac Radiolgy, 95mb
  4. CD Lameness Ross & Dyson, 628mb
  5. CD Poultry Diseases, 415mb
  6. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics for the Veterinary Technician, 11.8mb
  7. Development & Formulation of Veterinary Dosage Forms 1998, 4.62mb
  8. EndNote.X5 Full version, 71.3mb
  9. Eurell Histology Atlas, 136mb
  10. FeedSoft Professional v3.19-SND, 9.4mb
  11. Janeway - Immunobiology (2001), 6.2mb
  12. Meck Veterinary Manual 8th Merial, 429mb
  13. My Holstein ID, 96.8mb
  14. Novartis Orthopedic, 331mb
  15. Patient Medical Record and History Software, 10mb
  16. Proceedings ACVIM, 513mb
  17. The Physiological Origins of Heart Sounds and Murmurs, 190mb
  18. Veterinary Drug Handbook, 36.1mb
  19. Veterinary Ultrasonography, 16mb
  20. 5 Minutes Veterinary Consult - Canine And Feline, 25.2mb
  21. QVET Software, 51mb
  22. Veterinary Pharmacy Reference Software, 88.2mb

Media File, ISO File

  1. 4ACT – Veterinary Assistant & Technician Training, folder, 18.8G (rất hay)
  2. Veterinary Emergency - 02 Nasal Oxygen, 119mb
  3. Veterinary Emergency - 03 Nasogastric Feeding Tube, 82mb
  4. Veterinary Emergency - 05 Jugular Catheter Placement, 113mb
  5. Veterinary Emergency - 06 Central Venous Pressure Monitoring, 54mb
  6. Veterinary Emergency - 07 Blood Pressure Monitoring, 153mb
  7. Veterinary Emergency - 09 Esophagostomy Tube Placement, 71mb
  8. Veterinary Emergency - 10 Double Lumen Catheter Placement, 165mb
  9. Veterinary Emergency - 13 Radiographic Positioning, 97mb
  10. Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation for Rabbits, 213mb
  11. Veterinary Seminars in Spay, Neuter Surgery – Pediatrics, 187mb
  12. Artificial Insemination in Swine, 729mb
  13. Parasitology, 315mb
  14. Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology Domestic Animals of North America
  15. Cesar Millan - People Training For Dogs, 348mb
  16. Don Sullivan's - Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog - Disc 1  (Skycowboypaul), 1.8G
  17. Don Sullivan's - Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog - Disc 2  (Skycowboypaul), 1.7G
  18. The Perfect Dog - Dog Father, 1.8G
  19. Glasshorse Distallimb, 557mb
  20. 3M Littmann - Introduction to heart sounds, 60mb
  21. Eurell Histology (software), 144mb
  22. Haskell, 46.4mb
  23. Jaypee, 45mb
  24. Veterinary Pharmacy Sofware, 165mb
  25. SEDATION Veterinary, 72mb
  26. The Physiological Origins of Heart Sounds and Murmurs, 196mb
  27. Veterinary Drug Handbook – Plumb, 26.7mb
  28. Veterinary Instrumentation, 345mb

Lectures (*.pptx, *.docx...)


  1. Adjuncts Conventiona Surgery, 11mb
  2. AI, 41mb
  3. Allergy, 45mb
  4. Animal Aging, 14mb
  5. Ascarids of Dogs and Cats Presentation, 5mb
  6. Avian Orthopedic Surgery2004, 5mb
  7. Avian Soft Tissue Surgery2004, 3mb
  8. Bird Industry Identifcation Working Group, 10mb
  9. Bone Marrow Biopsy Techniques, 6mb
  10. Brachycephalic Complex, 7mb
  11. Cardiology Radiology, 15mb
  12. Cardiovasc Pathology 1, 9mb
  13. Cardiovasc Pathology 2, 7mb
  14. Clinical Examination of the Individual animal – I, 4mb
  15. Clinical Examination of the Individual animal – II, 53mb
  16. Clinical Tracheal Collapse 2, 8mb
  17. Common Endoparasites of Dog, 6mb     
  18. Critical Care Procedures, 23mb
  19. Dermatophytosis  lecture, 25mb
  20. Emerging Poultry Diseases New, 11mb
  21. Feline & Equine Ophthalmology, 7mb
  22. Ferret, 5mb
  23. Fleas, 13mb
  24. Guinea Pig, 13mb
  25. Heart Failure, 3mb
  26. Hereditary Deafness in Dogs and Cats, 7mb
  27. Infectious Diseases Exotic Hoofstock, 5mb          
  28. Introduction to Animal Breeding Concept 2010, 109mb
  29. Laboratory of Swine Diseases, 86mb
  30. Larynegeal Paralysis, 17mb
  31. Lecture ECGS, 8mb
  32. Management of Pig Health, 8mb
  33. Mites, 26mb
  34. Nodular Skin dis 1, 8mb
  35. Nodular Skin dis 2, 14.2mb
  36. Physical Exam, 12mb
  37. Physical Methods of Clinical Examination – II – Percussion, 13mb
  38. Principle of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 8mb
  39. Rabbit, 46mb
  40. Radiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, 15mb
  41. Review Diseases Swine, 90mb
  42. Shock, 5mb
  43. Surgical Techniques, 2mb
  44. The Eukaryotes Fungi - Algae - Protozoa and Helminths, 9mb
  45. Thoracic Radiology of the Dog, 17mb
  46. Tracheostomy,  17mb
  47. Ultrasonography, 2mb
  48. Urogenit rad-1, 15mb
  49. Urogenit rad-2, 13mb
  50. Veterinary Radiology, 13mb
  51. Veterinary Transfusion Medicine, 7mb
  52. Viral Diseases of Cattle, 18mb
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